Friday, September 5, 2008

Nest for a Good Cause

As apple season approaches, why not consider this 3-D wall hanging to spruce up your kitchen or family room? The simple apple on a wall screams Magritte, don't you think? I found this online at Nest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women artists in developing countries by helping them create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses.

Nest has merged art, commerce and philanthropy on their shopping site. It features lovely clothing, accessories and housewares designed by micro-credit loan recipients who benefit from Nest and also by well-known designers eager to support the cause. As the organization says it best: "When you buy from Nest, you have not only have purchased a unique and beautiful item for yourself or your home, you have participated in a proven effort to better the lives of women all across the globe."

Shopping for a good cause has never been more original! Visit Nest's Home Collection today.

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