Monday, June 30, 2008

Farmhouse Sink...Chic and Cheap?

This farmhouse sink caught my eye on a recent trip to Ikea. I spotted the Domsjo double-bowl sink in a staged kitchen and was drawn to its vintage yet modern feel. I think Domsjo has been offered at Ikea for several years now and it also comes in a single-bowl version for a bathroom or smaller kitchen.

This sink is heavy, durable, and best of all a design steal at around $310. Yes, the definition of "steal" is relative. But when you compare it to the $1,000 - $2,000 pricetags for similar farmhouse or "apron-front" sinks by other manufacturers, the Domsjo gets better looking and more affordable by the minute.

Check out the Domsjo double-bowl sink in situ here. This is a real kitchen renovation that mainly used Ikea elements. Not bad at all, eh? You can find anything on Flickr these days! Don't be surprised if you see this in my future kitchen some day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Toy for the Techoenophile

For all the tech-nostalgic oenophiles out there, here is an adorable corkscrew for you! If you love the functionality and sleek design of a wireless mouse for your desktop computer, why not pick up this mouse too? While I have not tested the functionality of this new design by French accessory company Pylones, I can guarantee it will spark some conversation around the wetbar if you place it near the cheese plate. Pylones has four U.S. stores and they are all in New York City, of course. So you can check out their wares online if you live outside the center of the universe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Down South in SoMA

I recently ate at South Food + Wine Bar, an Aussie-Kiwi restaurant in the South of Market (SoMA) neighborhood of San Francisco. I think I fell more in love with the space than the food. Our lunch was pretty tasty (especially the fried barramundi fish with chunky chips), but I found the design even tastier.

The restaurant design is a clever "mod nod" to life down under with faux ostrich leather banquettes in a rich navy blue and gorgeous cork floors that recall the dry wilderness of the Outback.

I liked the long communal table that welcomes conviviality among strangers and functions as an intermediary zone between the lively bar area and seated diners. South F+W Bar has a great wine list that is categorized by characteristic rather than grape blend or region, an approachable way of offering wines to guests at this casual establishment. Local interior design group Redmond Aldrich created this space, but it looks like they primarily do fun home interiors in a "chic kitsch" style.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Squeeze This

This is one of my favorite designs for the kitchen, the Alessi Juicy Salif. One of the cooler citrus juicers around, this design by Philippe Starck in the late 1980s is "an excellent example of Alessi's role as artistic mediator in the most turbulent areas of creative potential," according to the designer.

Apparently, this juicer has sparked semiotic debate among philosophers and sociologists: "To fully understand the true meaning of its existence, it is possibly necessary to refer to the theories of Leroy-Gourham, who considers the notion of functional approximation to be fundamental. This notion suggests that there is always a certain degree of freedom in interpreting relationships between Form and Function..." Read more here.

Yikes! All that symptomatology is hurting my brain. Can't I just appreciate the throwback design to the "speed whiskers" of the post-war atomic age? Or an homage to the three-legged insect? This is one product I regret not adding to my wedding registry.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to Foodie Design!

Welcome to my forum about food and design - a place where the culinary inspires. I hope to share interesting designs in a variety of media that is informed by food and drink. Perhaps a kitchen renovation will deserve significant mention or a new product from the Gourmet Housewares Show will inspire a post. Whatever the topic, this forum will cover the intersection of food and design. Please feel free to add your own comments or share any interesting finds. I'll be sure to add them! Thanks for visiting.