Monday, June 30, 2008

Farmhouse Sink...Chic and Cheap?

This farmhouse sink caught my eye on a recent trip to Ikea. I spotted the Domsjo double-bowl sink in a staged kitchen and was drawn to its vintage yet modern feel. I think Domsjo has been offered at Ikea for several years now and it also comes in a single-bowl version for a bathroom or smaller kitchen.

This sink is heavy, durable, and best of all a design steal at around $310. Yes, the definition of "steal" is relative. But when you compare it to the $1,000 - $2,000 pricetags for similar farmhouse or "apron-front" sinks by other manufacturers, the Domsjo gets better looking and more affordable by the minute.

Check out the Domsjo double-bowl sink in situ here. This is a real kitchen renovation that mainly used Ikea elements. Not bad at all, eh? You can find anything on Flickr these days! Don't be surprised if you see this in my future kitchen some day.

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Brilliant! I'm so happy to have found my way to your blog. You're so creative and it looks like a million bucks!