Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amazing X-Panding Table

One of my favorite pastimes is checking out dining tables for my future dream home. While window shopping in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco a few weeks ago, I ran into this cool table at Propeller, a modern furniture and home accessories boutique.

Instead of using a traditional leaf to lengthen a dining table, the X-Pand Dining Table features a delicately cut, wooden design feature that can be pushed in and out like an accordian to create 18 more inches of space. The more you expand the table, the cooler the center design. When you don't need the space, you can close the accordian design shut. Check out Propeller's web site to see the X-Pand table in action! The table comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, so it would look great in any home.

P.S. I tested the table's strength with the accordian wood slats pulled out all the way and it's quite sturdy.

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